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Keisha - No time to Waste

Keisha delivers many hits in a R&B, pop and soul inspired performance from Uppsala Grand Theatre's main stage. Alongside great instrumentalists she creates an inviting atmosphere with nerve and feeling all through! Cool and daring runs are the cherry on top, which might even make the interpretations more interesting than the originals?


Also, check out Keisha's latest release "Waste" with accompanying music video, released last week! Directed by Keisha and Amanda Muisyo.

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Video (Live): Lukas Carlsson, Uppsala Grand Theatre. Video (Waste): Keisha Muisyo.

2021-10-03 (2021-10-18) • MPM

The Music Echoes over Summer Warm Öregrund

Saturday's premiere gig at Strandhotellet Restaurant Tullbacken's packed terraces was a great success and the singing restaurant audience managed to get WILHELM and the guest artist of the evening Leo Hartman to give just about everything in extra number after extra number! Together with delicious food, great weather and a beautiful sunset in the sea, the evening was an absolute pleasure.

When everyone joined in and sang "We Are The Champions" the children could not stay still. Not least a young girl who barely learned to walk, but still conveyed her feeling through joyful dance jumps and big mesmerized eyes. A fascination that grew even more when WILHELM came forward and played just for her and her only!


This Saturday July 24 it’s time again, when WILHELM and Leo Hartman take the stage once more. The musical entertainment begins at 20:00 with calm goodies that are stepped up gradually, to offer a memorable evening in an amazing environment!

Welcome Saturday July 24, 2021. Do not miss to book a table well in advance!

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Photo (1): Anne Sofie Eriksson. Photo (2): Jonas Erlandsson, Strandhotellet Restaurant Tullbacken. Video: MPM MusicPowerMafia.

2021-07-20 • MPM

Summer Gigs in Beautiful Öregrund - The Pearl of Roslagen

At Strandhotellet Restaurant Tullbacken's terraces facing the sea, WILHELM offers musical goodies for all tastes - young and old. Spiced with top hits from "Alone on Stage" and guitarist Leo Hartman as guest artist from MPM Crew.

Welcome Saturday 17 July 2021 from 19:00. Do not miss to book a table well in advance!

We can already present two more gigs at Strandhotellet the remaining Saturdays in July. Info coming soon!

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Photo (1-3): Strandhotellet i Öregrund. Photo (4): MPM MusicPowerMafia.

2021-06-28 (2021-07-03) • MPM

Imagine 2021

Uppland's regional final in the big music competition Imagine Sweden 2021 kicks off on Sunday 28 March! Once again the exciting show is streamed live on YouTube, without an audience due to the fight against Corona. The broadcast starts at 19:00 and ends at 21:30 with a presentation of the jury's decision.

There is a wide range of music with eight acts or competition entries, who fight to represent Uppland in the National Final. The big countrywide final, which will also be digital, is arranged this year by Region Jönköping during the Ascension weekend on May 14 & 15.

MPM proudly note that all competition entries with members of MPM Crew have advanced to the regional final, after two extremely tough semi-finals. Super cool, but not the least bit surprising. Now we long to see Gina Hannuksela and the band Baroña take the stage!

Gina Hannuksela

Vocals ... Gina Hannuksela (MPM Crew)


Vocals ... Mekaella Baroña
Trumpet ... Cecilia Ström (MPM Crew)
Guitar ... Leo Hartman (MPM Crew)

Photo (1-7): Stefan Lindgren, Röd Varg.

2021-03-26 • MPM

Keisha at Uppsala Grand Theatre

Sink into your cozy armchair and enjoy Keisha's beautiful singing performance in a lively and wonderful one-man show from her living room on Uppsala Grand's stage. A young artist under development, with great potential!

Photo/Video: Uppsala Grand Theatre.

2021-02-17 • MPM

Martinas Mixtape feat. WILHELM at S:ta Clara in The Old Town of Stockholm

From an underground cellar vault in The Old Town of Stockholm, beautiful soul jazz melodies sound. The natural acoustics channel the music that is colored by ancient history. Since the 17th century, countless tones have bounced against the stone walls of the vault and this rainy October evening Martinas Mixtape has taken the stage. In honor of the day, the band is joined by Wilhelm on clarinet as well as alto and tenor saxophone.


With emotion, nerve and musical presence, both band and audience travel through time and space. The saxophone and clarinet melodies are performed with growling rawness interspersed with deep warmth in beautiful harmonic phrases. Based on the band's EP "Roses on the Moon", they jointly explore new harmonic complexities and offer the audience a musical adventure journey with halts in both the heat waves of the Southern States and the magical ether of outer space. Wilhelm adds new character to the songs, but the sweet Mixtape sound remains. The song material is alternated frequently with new unreleased songs and some classics such as "Summertime". Hope you enjoy!


The band's debut EP "Roses on the Moon" was released on September 18 (2020) and contains a distinctive, unique and already iconic neo-soul sound à la Martinas Mixtape. The singles "Old School Love", "Someone To" and "Same Way" have together with the title track "Roses on the Moon", "Like You Do" and "Never Fade" collected a considerable amount of streams on music platforms. No wonder, since the songs are both captivating and memorable. Beneath the beautiful harmonies hide Martina Steffner's multifaceted stories that are conveyed with strong presence and personality. Together with Edvin Widenfalk (guitar), Joel Oscarsson Löwgren (bass), Pontus Bornelind (piano) and Karl Ljungholm (drums) it constitutes the basis for the band's interaction and consonance in both emotion and musical expression.


"Really fun to play with such an exciting band. Almost a year ago, I invited some of the very best young musicians I’ve played with, to rehearse before a series of gigs with the project band MPM Selected Crew.

The first time everyone in today's constellation played together and got to know each other was before the celebrated "tour final" at Uppsala Grand Theatre, where the guitarists Leo Hartman and Mattias Loshak Snöbohm also were part of the project band.

From that group of musicians, Edvin, Martina, Joel, Pontus and Karl continued jamming together and despite the pandemic, the band Martinas Mixtape was created, which in a short time has achieved great success. With superb harmony and intriguing lyrics, the band has found a really nice melodic sound.

Reuniting tonight is great fun and I'm really looking forward to playing together again!"


Photo (1): Sthlms gatu- & fastighetskontor. Photo (2, 3): Arvid Runesson, Martinas Mixtape. Photo (4): MPM MusicPowerMafia.

2020-11-24 • MPM

Japan Tour with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

At the annual Christmas Concert "Swinging Christmas", Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra (UUJO) announced that 2020 will be an exciting year in the name of jazz. In addition to many concerts with talented guest artists in Sweden, they will visit Japan on a tour with Tokyo Bay's Disney World Hotel as a starting point. The Jubilee Tour is part of "Scandinavian Week" and UUJO's artistic leader Ulf Johansson Werre says that "this is a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the university worlds of Japan and Sweden through music".

The tour was supposed to take place in the summer of 2020, but has been postponed to the autumn. On the 6th of October the journey begins instead, according to preliminary information!

Photo (Orchestra): Schwalbe Production.

2020-04-19 • MPM

Imagine 2020

Don't miss this year's regional final of the music competition Imagine Sweden 2020 Uppland. The final will be held on the big stage at Uppsala Concert & Congress, although completely without audience due to the fight against Corona. Instead, the entire finale is broadcast via the streaming site Twitch at 18:00 tonight Sunday, so that everyone can enjoy the exciting show. This year's national final is unfortunately cancelled, so tonight is the last chance to see the contestants of the 2020 edition. Of course, Imagine Sweden is returning with a full competition next year!

MPM can proudly note that three out of twelve competition entries, that managed to qualify for the final, are made up of artists and musicians from MPM Crew. After two extremely tough semi-finals it’s a totally crazy good result, but not surprising. The winner tonight may very well be among these three!

Elin Vilén

Vocals & Piano ... Elin Vilén (MPM Crew)

Martina's Mixtape

Vocals ... Martina Steffner (MPM Crew)
Piano ... Pontus Bornelind (MPM Crew)
Guitar ... Edvin Widenfalk (MPM Crew)
Bas ... Joel Oscarsson Löwgren (MPM Crew)
Drums ... Karl Ljungholm (MPM Crew)

Liten Gnu

Vocals & Guitar ... Alexander (not MPM Crew, yet!)
Piano ... Pontus Bornelind (MPM Crew)
Bas ... Olle Hägglöf Österdahl (MPM Crew)
Drums ... Karl Ljungholm (MPM Crew)


Imagine Sweden is part of the world's largest music competition for youths and young adults. The winner of the national final will represent Sweden at the International Imagine Festival organized by Jeunesses Musicales International.

Photo (1): Imagine Uppland. Photo (2-4): Stefan Lindgren, Röd Varg.

2020-03-29 • MPM

Winter & Spring Concerts 2020

MPM Crew is already booked for many exciting gigs in various band constellations in 2020. Gigs on everything from big music festivals to closed corporate events and small cozy private parties. Here are some selected events during the first half of the year, which are open to everyone. Warm welcome!

Note! The fight against the Coronavirus entails the risk of changes in the event planning. Current status is shown in our calendar ... Read more


Imagine 2020 (Regional Semi-Finals)
Elin Vilén, Liten Gnu, Martinas Mixtape & Gina Hannuksela et al.
2020-02-08 & 2020-02-09, at 18:00
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"Let's Spend the Night Together"
The Uppsala Celsius School
The Skrapan Music Classes et al.
2020-03-25, at 19:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)


"Funk & Latin Evening"
Cousteau Uppsala
Funky Latin Project
2020-03-27, at 20:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)


Imagine 2020 (Regional Final)
Elin Vilén, Liten Gnu & Martinas Mixtape et al.
2020-03-29, at 18:00
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"Blue Sinatra"
Uppsala University Grand Auditorium
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
2020-04-20, at 19:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Blue House Youth Jazz Festival 2020
Konserthuset Stockholm
UKS Big Band, Tight Junctions et al.
2020-04-25 & 2020-04-26
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
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The Skrapan Spring Show
Uppsala Grand Theatre
The Skrapan Music Classes
2020-05-05, at 19:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


The Skrapan Spring Concert
Uppsala Grand Theatre
The Skrapan Music Classes
2020-05-06, at 19:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest 2020
MPM Selected Crew, UKS Big Band, Tight Junctions et al.
2020-05-16, at 14:00-22:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish 1)
Read more (external site in Swedish 2)


Spring Concert "Blue Sing-so-long!"
Uppsala University Grand Auditorium
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra, Royal Academic Orchestra & Uppsala Academic Chamber Choir
2020-05-18, at 17:30
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


"Moshimoshi - Jazz Journey Japan"
Uppsala Mission Church
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
2020-05-28, at 19:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


The UMK Spring Concert
The Uppsala Music Classes' Orchestra Classes
2020-06-01, at 18:00 & 20:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Japan Tour
Japan (JPN)
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
2020-06-06 to 2020-06-17


2020-02-01 (2020-03-20) • MPM

The Face of True Musical Satisfaction

"The face of true musical satisfaction” when Pontus Bornelind enjoys the rest of the band performing “When You Wish Upon A Star”. On stage was MPM Selected Crew playing some lovely christmas tunes, as well as “Creep” and other powerful and emotional songs.


Recorded at Uppsala Grand Theatre at The Skrapan Christmas Show.

Piano ... Pontus Bornelind (MPM Crew)
Guitar 1 ... Leo Hartman ("Creep") (MPM Crew)
Guitar 2 ... Mattias Loshak Snöbohm (MPM Crew)
Guitar 3 ... Edvin Widenfalk (MPM Crew)
Bass ... Joel Oscarsson Löwgren (MPM Crew)
Drums ... Karl Ljungholm (MPM Crew)
Vocals ... Martina Steffner (MPM Crew)
Saxophone ... Wilhelm Fredlund (MPM Crew)


2019-12-17 (2020-01-07) • MPM

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