Martina Steffner


A unique singer who, with extraordinary musical feeling and presence, captivates her audience.
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"I have grown up with music styles such as R&B, funk and soul, but nowadays I listen to almost all genres and sing everything from pop to jazz.

Before joining MPM Crew I have, among other things, sung in the context of the music competition “Musik Direkt” (now “Imagine”) 2015 and 2016, at Uppsala City Theater for “Humana” and “Suicide Zero” 2018 and 2019 and at the Circus Aros scene since 2011."


Martina was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2000.


  • MPM Selected Crew (2019-)
  • Martinas Mixtape (2020-)

et al.

Discography (Originals)

Single  >  Old School Love (Martinas Mixtape)
Single  >  Ovanifrån*
Single  >  Same Way (Martinas Mixtape)
Single  >  Someone To (Martinas Mixtape)
EP  >  Roses on the Moon (Martinas Mixtape)

*as featured artist/musician

Discography (Covers/Remixes)

Studio  >  Creep*
Live  >  Bang Bang / Tremor*
Live  >  I Say A Little Prayer**
Live  >  Imagine**
Live  >  Roses on the Moon (Remix) (feat. WILHELM)
Live  >  Summertime**
Live  >  When You Wish Upon A Star**

*as featured artist/musician
**only highlights

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