Winter & Spring Concerts 2020

MPM Crew is already booked for many exciting gigs in various band constellations in 2020. Gigs on everything from big ... Read more

Autumn & Christmas Concerts 2019

MPM Crew on stage in many bright and warm ... Read more

Match Gig at Studenternas Arena

Wow - awesome feeling when songs such as "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" echoed over ... Read more

Great Progress in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

In April 2019, MPM received a communication from Barncancerfonden (the Swedish Children's Cancer Foundation), which contained a gratifying message about the great progress made in childhood cancer research and a thank you to everyone involved in the fight.

We want to join this tribute to everyone who, in various ways, has contributed with fantastic gifts over the years.

An extra big thank you to all wonderful artists in MPM Crew who often give their fee and collected contributions to charity!


2019-04-09 • MPM

Top Ranking at The Swedish Big Band Championship for Youths

As always, Blue House Youth Jazz Festival offered concerts, inspiring ... Read more

Gig at Lederman in Stockholm with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Last Tuesday, Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra invited to a great music show with everything from ... Read more

Wilhelm - Alone on Stage

Improvised sax solo gig at Grand Café, where the sound explorer Wilhelm Fredlund tests ... Read more

On Request - MPM Selected Jazz Crew performing "Purple Rain" Live

In the spring of 2018, MPM Selected Jazz Crew held some well-received and critically acclaimed live shows. On request, a previously unpublished ... Read more

Match Gig at IFU Arena

Wow - an amazing atmosphere and extra cheers when the crowd learned that ... Read more

Tight Junctions at the “Funkisfestivalen”

Wow - premiere gig for the the jazz fusion band Tight Junctions, who was the guest main act of the fantastic ... Read more

"Autumn Menu" - Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Ulf Johansson Werre’s UUJO with guest vocalist and multi instrumentalist Gunhild Carling gave the audience a very ... Read more

Sentimental Jam Session at Grand Café

"This video clip is a recording of me and Leo during an experimental jam session in front of ... Read more

God Is A Woman (Ariana Grande) - Studio Sax Cover

The sax cover is produced at the new home studio in Uppsala City, Sweden. The video is recorded at the MPM Hill Pavilion just above the rooftops of the studio.

“Don't let the power of female energy suppress you,
Take a deep breath and enjoy it!”


2018-09-11 • Wilhelm Fredlund

Tribute to a Music Legend

A beautiful and moving musical tribute to one of our greatest musical phenomena ... Read more

Gig at Stockholm City Hall with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra with guest vocalist "AKO" Anna-Karin Nytell Oldeberg held a very ... Read more

Gig at Uppsala Grand Theatre with MPM Selected Jazz Crew

MPM Selected Jazz Crew performed on Uppsala Grand Theatre’s big stage the evening of May 28, with some really ... Read more

Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest 2018

This year's "Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest" at Uppsala Concert & Congress last Monday was a wonderful ... Read more

Success at "Saturday Jazz Live" with MPM Selected Jazz Crew

Last Saturday's "Saturday Jazz Live" in a crowded Musicum, with premier-playing MPM Selected Jazz Crew, was a great ... Read more

"Over The Rainbow" with Middle Uppland's Chamber Orchestra

Last Thursday, Middle Uppland’s Chamber Orchestra, led by Andreas Zhibaj with Wilhelm Fredlund as saxophone soloist, invited to a wonderful mix of ... Read more

"Saturday Jazz Live" with MPM Selected Jazz Crew

MPM Selected Jazz Crew is a new band made and directed by MPM. All the young band members are extremely ... Read more

Success Last Saturday at IFU Arena

A video clip from an awesome gig at IFU Arena that lasted over four hours, with three breaks when the crowd was given ... Read More


FOLLOW US LIVE by checking out MPM Crew via articles and videos. But do more. We want to thank all of you who joined us IRL in 2017 and experienced our gigs and concerts live. Nothing compares to live performances and together with you we created really awesome music shows. It was joyous and amazing, usually in front of a full house!

Do not miss the events of 2018, wich will get more incredible than ever before. We are young and under education, but we promise to give just everything we got on stage.


This year we will, once again, "gig around" upon request, according to your wishes. Keep in mind that a large part of the fee goes directly to charity (About Us). If you want to know more and/or book us for a gig in any context, everything from baptism to funeral, please contact us (Message, Booking).


2018-01-08 • MPM

"Swinging Christmas" with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

UUJO's traditional Christmas Concert became an entertaining and very enjoyable music experience for all those who ... Read more

Skrapan Gig at Grand Café

"Open stage" at Uppsala Grand Café with The Skrapan Music Classes became a great success with ... Read more

Concert with Middle Uppland's Chamber Orchestra

MUKO’s traditional concert with two young soloists became more exciting than ever this year when the chamber orchestra ... Read more

Solo Gig at the Castle

Wilhelm Fredlund held a celebrated solo concert for the governor at Uppsala Castle on ... Read more

Summerchestra 2017

The coolest orchestra of the summer "Summerchestra" works entirely in the spirit of MPM. In June and August, the retirement homes and service houses are offered no less than ... Read more

Praying (Kesha) & Hello (Adele) Loop Pedal Live Session

Ooops! Kesha's new song "Praying" became Adele's "Hello" with an improvised solo in the end, when I played around with my new loop pedal.

I soon realized it was possible to play a lot of different tunes over the song, so see this as an example.


2017-07-17 • Wilhelm Fredlund

Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore) - Studio Cover

The sun was always shining from a bright blue sky, why did this particular day then come along all of a sudden? Our family was struck by lightning and nearly extinguished the most valuable we had.

During the most critical nights we recorded a wonderful tune by Gary Moore, that helped us forget about our worries for a while and regain our strength. A cover that was formed by the feelings that called for being listened to. The tune became something else when I played it and mixed it.


My father was sitting by my side with his mobile phone in his hand. The phone that was to ring in case of a serious change for the worse. We are immensely grateful that it never rang! Now we can rebuild all that was lost by working together.


2017-06-30 • Wilhelm Fredlund

Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest 2017

Great to get the chance to do a gig with some of the best musicians in Sweden - Trio X. We played ... Read more

Gig at IFU Arena

I was given the honorable mission of facing a large audience to perform Sweden's national anthem on the alto saxophone at ... Read more

Blue House Youth Jazz Festival 2017

Past weekend we participated in the Blue House Youth Jazz Festival in Stockholm with Uppsala Culture School's Big Band ... Read more

Gig at the classic "Skaris" in Uppsala

Last Friday, I played with one of the best juvenile pianists in Sweden ... Read more

Gig on the m/s King Carl Gustav

Video from my solo gig during a fabulous boat ride with ... Read more

The outdoor gig by Wilhelm at an anniversary party "lit up the darkness of autumn"

On Saturday evening, shortly after 22:00 dramatic saxophone tones echoed between the buildings in Flogsta, Uppsala. With raw but powerful ... Read more

Ystad Swedish Jazz Festival 2016

Ystad Swedish Jazz Festival sounds well in all the world's jazz ears. It brings together not only national but also international artists to jam away during some summer days every year.

Last Sunday I attended the legendary tenor saxophonist Bernt Rosengren's concert. Along with him appeared alto saxophonist Christina von Bülow and an amazing orchestra consisting of bass, drums and piano.

In over an hour beautiful and rich tones reverberated in the old 1400-century buildings. With eyes closed I could see John Coltrane play in a dark and smoky bar. Occasionally penetrated by the more experimental and challenging style of Sonny Rollins. It was just to sit back in the chair, enjoy and try to keep up. During the last self-written tune one could hear beautiful vibratos, perhaps inspired by Louis Armstrong.

This was a really awesome jazz concert, but with a huge question mark. A big question; only answered with silence when I put it. Some of the jazz-elite indeed draw packed houses - but with an audience of retirees and only retirees. Jazz musicians have apparently got stuck in an antiquated artistic style that totally lacks appeal to younger generations. Will jazz concerts continue to be sold out when today's pensioners have said goodbye for the last time, if the musicians refuse to follow the audience's urge to see a contemporary custom development and innovation both artistically and musically?


As a 12 year old and the new owner of my first saxophone, I met Bernt Rosengren for the first time. I asked a few curious questions about life as an artist and what it meant. When he finally realized I was going to invest to become jazz saxophonist, he finished with - "POOR FISH!".


2016-08-13 • Wilhelm Fredlund

Solo Gig at Bachelorette Party

Awesome surprise gig last Saturday at the bachelorette party of all times. Lots of beautiful girls ... Read more

Summertime - Sax Cover

Video clip from the Charlie Parker medley performed by Wilhelm Fredlund on saxophone with a great ... Read more

Cabaret 2016 - UMK Orchestra Class 8C

In early February the students offered two unforgettable and thoughtful performances, with farce, drama, singing and ... Read more

Titanic Theme “My Heart Will Go On” - Sax Cover

A magical and powerful song that requires large air space to do itself justice. I usually play it completely solo some beautiful summer night each year, at the moonlit water of Long Lake (Långsjön). Maybe my solo reaches longer than one would think.

I hope you enjoy my version!


2016-02-15 • Wilhelm Fredlund

Christmas Concert on Gränby Centre with UMK Orchestra Classes

UMK Orchestra Classes had a good performance on Gränby Centre on Thursday. The concert included among other ... Read more

Solo Gig at Avan's Hair Salon

Last Friday night, I played the saxophone at a VIP evening event at Avan's Hair Salon in Uppsala. Some soft jazz was there, as well as a languorous ... Read more

Triple V

Triple V is a new super trio from Uppsala who intend to offer you a really cruel sound in 2016. The band consists of ... Read more

MPM Mentor

MPM is proud to present the saxophonist Oskar Forsberg as one of our musical mentors ... Read more

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