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We are extremely proud of our fantastic Team. With an expanding network of members, mentors and sponsors we today reach all corners of the world. Now we also establish MPM Crew in both Spain and France! Lots of exciting adventures in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

2023-09-15 • MPM

WILHELM - Alone on Stage (Porsche Exclusive)

With a roaring saxophone and great youthful energy, WILHELM delivered good vibes during the spring party events ... Read more >

Gina Hannuksela with Let Me Explain

Gina Hannuksela delivers a musical epic with beautiful rhythms and thoughtful lyrics. A song with many ... Read more >

The Saga of 99 Röd Ballong

To the people who flee below Earth's surface when the air-raid sirens sound, but never leave their homes ... Read more >

Veronica Maggio Secret Guest at the UMK Grand Anniversary Concerts

Last weekend Uppsala Music Classes celebrated their 40th anniversary with two grand concerts at Fyrishov Arena ... Read more >

Wow, what a Crazy Year!

2022 is coming to an end and we want to thank you for a wonderful year of events filled with music, dance, media productions and many exciting adventures. MPM has contributed to more charity fundraisers than ever, which is super! A record number of projects, gigs and events also mean that we have exciting article publications on the way, so stay tuned!

We enter a new year with enthusiasm and high hopes. With awesome crew members, supporters, mentors, sponsors and a wonderful audience, anything is possible! We are already dreaming of experiencing good vibes together with you all in 2023!


2022-12-26 • MPM

Gecko Overdrive - Sax Cover by WILHELM

My sax version of Gecko (Overdrive) was recorded and produced during lockdown back in 2020. The music became ... Read more >

Europe's Biggest Cinema Festival with WILHELM in Tantolunden Stockholm

Last Saturday, Stockholm's iconic park area Tantolunden was home to Europe's biggest outdoor cinema festival ... Read more >

Gala Concert for Ukraine with Sweden's Jazz Elite

Yesterday, Uppsala shone with warmth and solidarity when artists and bands from the Swedish jazz elite entered ... Read more >

Señorita - Sax Cover by WILHELM

WILHELM delivers good vibes with his new sax cover! A great taste of this summer's ... Read more >

Swing It! Tribute to Count Basie - Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Newly interpreted classics and forgotten musical gems from Count Basic's repertoire were performed on ... Read more >

Family Concert - A Musical Journey with the Royal Academic Orchestra

On Saturday afternoon, the Royal Academic Orchestra led by ... Read more >

WILHELM - Play [Official Video]

An exciting year awaits WILHELM, who begins 2022 with his new release "Play". With high energy and awesome dancers ... Read more >

Gina Hannuksela Starts 2022 Strong - The Weekend

Gina Hannuksela starts 2022 strong with her new single "The Weekend" and a newfound rhythmic sound that ... Read more >

Stars Shine Bright at Skrapan's Traditional Christmas Gigs 2021

For two winter days every year, many stars shine on Uppsala Grand Theatre's big stage ... Read more >

Smoky Club Gig with King Street Quintet

Cool live gig with the King Street Quintet! The evening offered several surprises with new ... Read more >

Jazz Crooner Hayati Kafe visits Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Tonight, UUJO and musical leader Ulf Johansson Werre offer their first concert since the beginning of the ... Read more >

Martinas Mixtape - New Songs for Sunny and Rainy Days

Swedish neo soul band Martinas Mixtape has created a perfect mix of mysterious yet intriguing ... Read more >

Keisha - No time to Waste

Keisha delivers many hits in a R&B, pop and soul inspired performance from ... Read more >

Gina Hannuksela with a Perfect Song for Beautiful Summer Days

The latest addition to Gina Hannuksela's steadily growing music catalog is absolutely perfect - literally "Perfect" - for quiet ... Read more >

The Music Echoes over Summer Warm Öregrund

Saturday's premiere gig at Strandhotellet Restaurant Tullbacken's packed terraces was a great success and the ... Read more >

Isak Friberg speaks clearly in the debut single - Say It

With nerve and emotion, Isak Friberg offers a clear message with funk feeling. The debut single "Say It" gives a first ... Read more >

Summer Gigs in Beautiful Öregrund - The Pearl of Roslagen

At Strandhotellet Restaurant Tullbacken's terraces facing the sea, WILHELM offers musical goodies for all ... Read more >

On Repeat All Week - Monday to Sunday

Gina Hannuksela offers an amazing sonic experience with her new song "Monday to Sunday" where well-produced sounds ... Read more >

The Saxophone's Magic Feeling

The saxophone can magically translate and enrich lyrics and emotions into a global language that everyone can ... Read more >

Gina Hannuksela - Lose Myself feat. Julia Mraz

Fasten your seat belt and prepare for an atmospheric journey through time and space. Together with extraterrestrial ... Read more >

Exciting year with WILHELM

In 2021, Wille will release new music and if the pandemic finally loses its grip there may be many great surprises ... Read more >

Gina Hannuksela is Calling - New Single with Jazzy R&B Vibe

With soulful feeling and hip-hop rhythm, Gina Hannuksela confidently navigates a sea of R&B vibes. As guiding star ... Read more >

Imagine 2021

Uppland's regional final in the big music competition Imagine Sweden 2021 kicks off ... Read more >

Ordinary People (John Legend) - Cover by Isak Friberg

Isak Friberg sits down at the grand piano and delivers an emotional interpretation ... Read more >

Keisha at Uppsala Grand Theatre

Sink into your cozy armchair and enjoy Keisha's beautiful singing performance in a lively and wonderful ... Read more >

Martinas Mixtape feat. WILHELM at S:ta Clara in The Old Town of Stockholm

From an underground cellar vault in The Old Town of Stockholm, beautiful soul jazz melodies sound. The natural ... Read more >

Courage & Solidarity Matter

Je t'aime (Lara Fabian) - Sax Cover by WILHELM

All courage is developed by the simple act of facing your fears. By doing so in solidarity, we can create a powerful unity of feeling and action for a better world. A world where everything alive breathes freely.

"Courage & Solidarity Matter is the immensely important and relevant message in my rendition of "Je t'aime". The two keywords constitute the absolute fundament in the fight for equality and the possibility to breathe freely.

Music is a fantastic way to explore perspectives on vital matters worldwide. Hope you find my cover video helpful in achieving this!"

Wilhelm Fredlund


2020-07-01 • MPM

The Skrapan Graduation 2020 - An Unforgettable Graduation Day

The Skrapan Music Classes offer sweet tones when school principal Stefan Nyhem and his crew thank the graduates of 2020, in an already acclaimed and historical video production. Many MPM Crew members can be heard among the jamming music students. Listen to the saxophone and guitar solos in the film's climax. Really awesome!

See the full video below. Click the picture to play the video from the film’s climax (42:04).


“Most music students at The Uppsala Lundellska School surely agree when I claim the Skrapan Music Education Program to be one of the country's most engaging high school music courses, for both vocalists and instrumentalists. Although stage presence and performance isn't emphasized nor prioritised, the school always has your back with fantastic teachers at your disposal, who provide full support for creative ideas regarding both musical and artistic aspects. For those who have a music-oriented vision of the future, The Skrapan Music Classes is an environment to thrive in, develop invaluable skills and grow as a musician and artist. It’s simply the first steps towards the goals of the dreams.

Dear Principal Nyhem - please make sure that everyone has free access to rehearsal facilities, from early morning to late evening. It’s the place where responsibility, cohesion and joint efforts give life to astonishing masterpieces. Elaborate the music studies with more collaborations and clinics with established artists and industry parties, and we will hear about many successful Skrapanists on the big world stages in the future."

Thank you for three rewarding & super cool years
Wilhelm Fredlund

MPM looks forward to future exciting music projects in collaboration with The Uppsala Lundellska School (Skrapan) and its students.

Photo/Video: The Uppsala Lundellska School.

2020-06-20 (2020-07-10) • MPM

Japan Tour with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

At the annual Christmas Concert "Swinging Christmas", Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra (UUJO) announced that ... Read more >

Noodles for My Poodles give the World the Answer - What Are Frogs?

The musically unique and spiritually insightful band from the magical forests around Knivsta has once again given us the answer to such a question, which we would not even dream of asking. Listen to their buzzing instrumental story that provides a razor-sharp and straight answer to the question "What Are Frogs"?


Experience when the featuring star soloists Sofia Johansson, Thomas Mathiassen and Wilhelm Fredlund stir in the pot, with a genuine passion and a pathos that are only the sign of great masters. Don't miss the new release ... this year's cult song?

Don't forget to add the single "What Are Frogs" and the entire album "We're Back in Greasytown" to your favorite playlist on Spotify!

Photo: Nellie Lydh, Noodles for My Poodles.

2020-04-18 • MPM

Imagine 2020

Don't miss this year's regional final of the music competition Imagine Sweden 2020 Uppland. The final will be held on the big ... Read more >

Winter & Spring Concerts 2020

MPM Crew is already booked for many exciting gigs in various band constellations in 2020. Gigs on everything from big ... Read more >

The Face of True Musical Satisfaction

"The face of true musical satisfaction” when Pontus Bornelind enjoys the rest of the band performing ... Read more >

Jazz Hits with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

As part of their 15th anniversary, Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra (UUJO) invited to the grand ... Read more >



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