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Theodore Jousefi

Bassist / Pianist

With his fantastic musicality Theodore challenges not only himself, but also jazz legends such as Jaco Pastorius.
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"My name is Theodore an I was born in 2007 in Uppsala. I started playing the piano and the electric bass when I was five years old. I play the bass at Uppsala Culture School's Big Band. My idols are Mark Miller and Jaco Pastorius. I am also inspired by Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten."


Theodore was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2007.

Live Base

Theodore is based in Sweden since birth.



  • MPM Selected Crew (2016-)

2016-2023  >  Uppsala Music Classes
2021-2022  >  King Street Quintet
2018-2020  >  Tight Junctions
2014-2020  >  Uppsala Culture School's Big Band
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