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Jazz Hits with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

As part of their 15th anniversary, Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra (UUJO) invited to the grand show "Jazz Hits" at Katalin Uppsala last Monday. All high expectations were exceeded thanks to the orchestra's eminent vocalist group The Universals and invited world class guests - Håkan Broström, Suranjana Ghosh and Alexander Brott. The evening featured many gems, including an improvised sax solo by Wilhelm Fredlund that seduced the entire audience with riffs inspired by the iconic Careless Whisper melody ;)

Photo (1): Björn Thelin.

2019-11-06 • MPM

Autumn & Christmas Concerts 2019

MPM Crew on stage in many bright and warm music events this autumn and christmas. Don’t miss our selected concerts that are open to everyone. Hearty welcome!


Gig Culture Night 2019
Uppsala Castle
The Skrapan Music Class Year 3
2019-09-14, at 11:30-16:00 (11:30 am to 4:00 pm)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Collaboration Concert
Uppsala Grand Theatre
Elaria Orchestra & UKS Big Band
2019-10-16, at 19:00 (7:00 pm)
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Jubilee Concert “Jazz Hits”
Katalin Uppsala
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
2019-11-04, at 20:00 (8:00 pm)
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Music Tour
Denmark (DNK)
UKS Big Band
2019-11-13 to 2019-11-17


Autumn Concert
Uppsala Grand Theatre
Tight Junctions
2019-11-19, at 19:00 (7:00 pm)


"Swinging Christmas Jubilée"
Uppsala Mission Church
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
2019-12-10, at 19:00 (7:00 pm)
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Christmas Concert
Grand Café
UKS Big Band
2019-12-11, at 19:00 (7:00 pm)


The Skrapan Christmas Show
Uppsala Grand Theatre
The Skrapan Music Classes
2019-12-16, at 19:00 (7:00 pm)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


The Skrapan Christmas Concert
Uppsala Grand Theatre
The Skrapan Music Classes
2019-12-18, at 19:00 (7:00 pm)
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2019-09-01 (2019-10-08) • MPM

"We Are The Champions" Dedicated to Graduating Students at Skrapan

Emotional and powerful performance of Queen’s iconic song “We Are The Champions”, dedicated to all graduating students 2019 at the Uppsala Lundellska School (Skrapan). Video clip from last week’s concert at Uppsala Grand Theatre, directed by the school.


“Five students from a Swedish high school for the first time on stage together, without rehearsals ... FUCK YOU doubters!"


Piano ... Isak Friberg (MPM Crew)
Guitar ... Leo Hartman (MPM Crew)
Bass ... Joel Oscarsson Löwgren (MPM Crew)
Drums ... Sigge Andersson (MPM Crew)
Saxophone ... Wilhelm Fredlund (MPM Crew)


2019-06-01 • MPM

Match Gig at Studenternas Arena

Wow - awesome feeling when songs such as "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" echoed over Uppsala City from the Studenternas Arena, after a half where “Blue-black” (Sirius) crushed “The Angels” (IFK Göteborg).

Last Saturday’s match in the Premier Division of the Swedish Football League offered a lot of excitement, but one of the highlights, though, was the MPM Halftime Show with saxophonist Wilhelm Fredlund and singer Martina Steffner. Completely unannounced, they entertained a crowded semi-finished arena (audience record) with everything from Queen and Cher to Avicii, standing in the middle of the field. The atmosphere was unbeatable and the spirit was lovely among the slightly surprised audience, which hopefully went through the TV screens.


MPM also offered music entertainment during the VIP guests' meal and mingle just before the game, where Wilhelm, Martina and the band's guitarist Edvin Widenfalk played a jazz-inspired repertoire. Cheering broke out after the last song "Ett hjärta som slår” (“A beating heart”), where the great blue-black crowd sang along.

The collected contributions and fee went to the charity fund “Barncancerfonden”.


2019-05-09 • MPM

Gig at Uppsala Grand Café

MPM welcomes the spring with a laid back summer song Wilhelm Fredlund is almost done writing. Together with the Crew members Leo Hartman and Edvin Widenfalk, as well as Julius Holmberg, they make the audience sway to the beat in a completely unrehearsed performance. The only requirement to be on stage was to be dressed in sunglasses, which is clearly heard at the end of the clip ;)

Wilhelm Fredlund played a stunning duet rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine” together with the amazing singer Martina Steffner. With Edvin Widenfalk on guitar, they also represented MPM at the concert arranged by The Skrapan Music Classes at Uppsala Grand Café.


2019-04-16 (2019-08-10) • MPM

Top Ranking at The Swedish Big Band Championship for Youths

As always, Blue House Youth Jazz Festival offered concerts, inspiring meetings, workshops and clinics with many of Sweden's most prominent musicians and teachers. On Saturday, there were lectures, workshops and concerts in the Royal Academy of Music's premises, and on Sunday it was Big Band Championship and ensemble contest at the Concert Hall of Stockholm.


We congratulate Uppsala Culture School's Big Band who can now name themselves one of Sweden's best youth BB’s. MPM was represented by both band members and leaders in the big band.


2019-03-24 • MPM

Gig at Lederman in Stockholm with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Last Tuesday, Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra invited to a great music show with everything from band leader Ulf Johansson Werre's intricate composition "Drumbone" to "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. The underground theater studio highlighted the orchestra's immensely tight and interplayed sound, without prolonged reverberation. After a quick exchange of words between the organizer and the band leader, the big band was asked to continue playing after closing-time, which was appreciated by the cheering audience!

MPM was represented by Wilhelm Fredlund who played a great saxsolo “out of the box” (in the song “I Love Being Here With You”).


2019-03-17 • MPM

Magical Moment at Uppsala Grand Theatre

After meeting for the very first time yesterday, Martina Steffner and Wilhelm Fredlund create a magical moment together with the guitar virtuoso Edvin Widenfalk. The video is a short excerpt from their rendition of Aretha Franklin’s hit song “I Say A Little Prayer”. Recorded at Uppsala Grand Theatre.


2019-03-06 (2019-08-10) • MPM

Wilhelm - Alone on Stage


Alone on Stage

Improvised sax solo gig at Grand Café, where the sound explorer Wilhelm Fredlund tests old & new cover material for this year's "one-man gigs".

Grand Café
2019-03-01, at 19:00

Warm welcome!


2019-02-24 • MPM

On Request - MPM Selected Jazz Crew performing "Purple Rain" Live

In the spring of 2018, MPM Selected Jazz Crew held some well-received and critically acclaimed live shows.

On request, a previously unpublished audio-recording of the band performing an outstanding cover of Prince mythical rock ballad Purple Rain live at Uppsala Concert Hall is now being released.

Also, listen to the original studio cover!


2019-02-17 • MPM

Match Gig at IFU Arena

Wow - an amazing atmosphere and extra cheers when the crowd learned that the fee and collected contributions were donated to help organizations, at Wednesday's cool match-gig when Wilhelm Fredlund offered a saxophonic solo show at IFU Arena.

The crowded arena also enjoyed a perfectly directed series final between the Swedish masters Storvreta and the runner-up Falun, where Storvreta won in "Sudden Death".

When the cheers had ended and the TV cameras were turned off, the audience could start walking home to the sound of "Walkin’ My Baby Back Home" and "What A Wonderful World".


2019-01-20 • MPM

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