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Joel Oscarsson Löwgren

Bassist / Pianist

With a fantastic timing and precision, the music is tied together into a beautiful unity and gives a feeling of security to the rest of the musicians/band.
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"I mainly listen to jazz, fusion, funk and soul. Some of my favorite musicians that have influenced me the most are the bassists Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and pianist Robert Glasper."


Joel was born in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2002.

Live Base

Joel is based in Sweden since birth.



  • MPM Selected Crew (2019-)
  • The Skrapan Music Classes (2018-)
  • Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra (2020-)
  • Uppsala Culture School's Big Band (2020-)
  • Martinas Mixtape (2020-)

et al.

Discography (Originals)

*as band member

MM: Martinas Mixtape

Discography (Covers/Remixes)

*as band member

MM: Martinas Mixtape

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