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Wilhelm Fredlund

Saxophonist / Songwriter / Producer

Loves to move his audience with intense presence and musical feeling. Gives everything when it counts!
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"I like many different genres. It can be Jazz, Blues or EDM, Rap & Hip-hop. But one of the favorites is nevertheless "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen with Rock n' Roll."

Wilhelm Fredlund, also called Wille, was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2001. He began his musical journey at the age of 8 with playing flute for Sweden's perhaps best recorder flutist Per Gross.

After a few years, when Wilhelm was 12 years old, he switched to alto saxophone where he was classically schooled by Lars-Erik "Lidas" Lidström. A couple of years later he began taking lessons for Oskar Forsberg as well as Olle Thunström and was then introduced to jazz music where he gained a greater understanding of musical harmonies, rhythms and tonality. Wilhelm learned to improvise over different genres and also started playing tenor saxophone, as a second main instrument. As secondary instruments he plays soprano and baritone saxophone, as well as clarinet, flute and piano.

Developing theoretical knowledge in music combined with practical improvisation gave him the possibility of arranging existing and self-written music. An area that today contains plenty of still unpublished raw music material. In 2022, songs from the private catalog will begin to be released on the commercial music market.

In the autumn of 2017, Wilhelm began studying at the Uppsala Lundellska School's Music Class after graduating from Uppsala Music Classes. Parallelly, he commenced an education at Uppsala Culture School's Advanced Program - The Conservatory Program.

Despite his young age, Wilhelm has been able to participate as an artist and musician in a variety of orchestras, bands and ensembles, which has given him a very wide repertoire covering all kinds of music styles. He has been among other things the lead saxophonist in "Uppsala Culture School's Big Band" and in the jazz group "Tight Junctions". At the young age of 16 being a regular saxophonist in "Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra" under the direction of one of the most respected Swedish jazz musicians Ulf Johansson Werre is of course a great and important success. As band leader in a number of MPM constellations, Wilhelm has created a successful and developing collaboration between young musicians across all genres.

Wilhelm loves to go in for sports, but lives for the music and MPM MusicPowerMafia, which he founded on his 13th birthday to "help young artists to reach out in the world with a powerful musical imprint in the name of solidarity".


Wilhelm was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2001.

Music Education (Completed)

  • Music Program (3 years)  >  The Lundellska School's (Skrapan's) Music Education (spec. Saxophone)
  • Music Program (3 years)  >  Uppsala Culture School's Advanced Program - The Conservatory Program (spec. Saxophone & Piano)
  • Music Program (4 years)  >  Uppsala Music Classes' Orchestra Education (spec. Saxophone)
  • Music Course  >  The Lundellska School's (Skrapan's) Saxophone Education
  • Music Course  >  Uppsala Culture School's Piano Education
  • Music Course  >  Uppsala Culture School's Recorder/Flute Education
  • Music Course  >  Uppsala Culture School's Sound Engineering Education
  • Music Course  >  Uppsala Culture School's Vocal Education

Music Education (Ongoing)

  • Music Program (3 years)  >  Uppsala Culture School's Program Erasmus+
  • Music Course  >  Innovative Music Management
  • Music Course (Continuous)  >  Private Saxophone Music Education
  • Music Course (Continuous)  >  Uppsala Culture School's Saxophone Education
  • Music Course (Continuous)  >  Uppsala Culture School's Ensemble Education


  • MPM Selected Crew (2014-)
  • MPM Selected Jazz Crew (2018-)
  • Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra (2017-)
  • Band Erasmus+ (2020-)
  • King Street Quintet (2021-)

2014-2021  >  Uppsala Culture School's Big Band
2019-2021  >  King Street Jazz Quartet
2018-2020  >  Tight Junctions
2017-2020  >  The Skrapan Music Classes
2015-2018  >  Jazz Fusion
2015-2018  >  Jazz Fusion Exclusive
2016-2017  >  Triple V
2013-2017  >  Uppsala Music Classes' Orchestra
2013-2016  >  Uppblåset
2011-2013  >  Superblåsarna
2010-2011  >  Blåståget
et al.

Discography (Originals)

Album  >  Swinging Christmas* (UUJO/2019)
Album  >  We're Back in Greasytown** (NfMP/2020)

*as band member
**as featured artist/musician

NfMP: Noodles for My Poodles
UUJO: Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Discography (Covers/Remixes)

**as featured artist/musician

MM: Martinas Mixtape
MUKO: Middle Uppland's Chamber Orchestra
TX: Trio X
UMK: Uppsala Music Classes

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