Pontus Bornelind

Pianist / Guitarist

With extreme musical accuracy, Pontus explores harmonic structures as well as emotional expressions.
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"There are so many different types of music and I don't really think about what I really play, but mostly I like jazz with fine harmonies. My greatest source of inspiration is the artist Jacob Collier."


Pontus was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2003.


  • MPM Selected Crew (2019-)
  • The Skrapan Music Classes (2019-)
  • Uppsala Culture School's Big Band (2020-)
  • Martinas Mixtape (2020-)
  • Liten Gnu (2019-)

et al.

Discography (Originals)

Single  >  Old School Love (Martinas Mixtape)
Single  >  Same Way (Martinas Mixtape)
Single  >  Someone To (Martinas Mixtape)
EP  >  Roses on the Moon (Martinas Mixtape)

Discography (Covers/Remixes)

Live  >  Summertime

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