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Gig at Uppsala Grand Theatre with MPM Selected Jazz Crew

MPM Selected Jazz Crew performed on Uppsala Grand Theatre’s big stage the evening of May 28, with some really awesome covers.

The cherry on the cake was a rendition of Freddie Mercury's mythical song Bohemian Rhapsody, which once upon a time was performed by the legendary rock band Queen. The tune is extremely complex as it contains several music styles and a dramatic story that begins with "Mama, just killed a man, Put a gun against his head, Pulled my trigger, now he's dead. Mama, life had just begun, But now I've gone and thrown it all away."

MPM played the song with such intensity, expression and musical feeling that the story once again became real.


Afterwards someone in the audience said that you could see Freddie sitting on the stage enjoying every second of the live performance. Once again surprising that a bunch of teenagers can achieve such a genuine musical presence, all by themselves!

Piano ... Isak Friberg
Guitar ... Mattias Loshak Snöbohm
Bass ... Julius Holmberg
Drums ... Victor Liljeqvist
Saxophone ... Wilhelm Fredlund

(The performance by MPM Selected Jazz Crew was a part of an event arranged by The Skrapan Music Classes.)

2018-06-05 • MPM

Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest 2018

This year's "Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest" at Uppsala Concert & Congress last Monday was a wonderful festivity for all talented young artists "Sweden's music future" and of course for the obvious audience who seemed to stand close to the performers on stage. But it would be good if the festival's fantastic resources reached more than the innermost circle, which probably would be positive for all involved. Hope the main organizer Uppsala Cultural School (Uppsala Community) looks at what is required to fill all the empty chairs next year, making it a festival for the entire community.

The event poster read "Listen to Sweden's Music Future" and some top performances were heard, but the most impressive thing was the amazing width of great upcoming musicians who hopefully will give us many wonderful musical experiences in the future.


One of Sweden's most celebrated trumpet soloists Peter Asplund was the well-playing elder among the youthful artists of the festival.

MusicPowerMafia was represented by MPM Selected Jazz Crew who performed a long-awaited selection of their covers from this spring's prestigious show "Saturday Jazz Live". The band's guitarist Mattias also excelled with a brilliant solo performance together with the festival's house band Trio X. In addition, Mattias, Victor and Wilhelm played in the Cultural School's fusion group, which among others include the pianist Kevork. Wilhelm finished with some great solos in the Uppsala Cultural School's Big Band together with the trumpeter Olle, the bassist Theodore and others.


2018-06-01 (2018-07-24) • MPM

Success at "Saturday Jazz Live" with MPM Selected Jazz Crew

Last Saturday's "Saturday Jazz Live" in a crowded Musicum, with premier-playing MPM Selected Jazz Crew, was a great success delivered by the very young but already extremely developed MPM music artists. The highly acclaimed concert gave a wonderful energy injection that brings hope for the future popularity of jazz among young and old.

The repertoire contained everything from "What A Wonderful World", "Angel Eyes" and "Billie's Bounce" to "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Still Got The Blues" and "Purple Rain". Among extremely emotional and spellbinding performances, there was also some playful improvised songs. What a show by a bunch of high school students!


After an encore in the form of Monica Zetterlund's "Sakta vi gå genom stan", MPM Selected Jazz Crew were met with great cheer, from an audience who enjoyed many old goodies in a captivating youthful interpretation.

The successful concert led to a series of new gigs that will be conducted in May.


2018-04-27 (2018-05-01) • MPM

"Over The Rainbow" with Middle Uppland's Chamber Orchestra

Last Thursday, Middle Uppland’s Chamber Orchestra, led by Andreas Zhibaj with Wilhelm Fredlund as saxophone soloist, invited to a wonderful mix of tonalities and harmonies, from jazz to classical music. On the program was Summertime, Ave Maria, An der schönen blauen Donau, Simple Symphony, Harry Rings and Lord of the Potter and of course Over the Rainbow.

Listen and enjoy Ave Maria inspired by Bach-Gounod in an orchestra arrangement by Andreas Zhibaj.


2018-04-12 • MPM

"Saturday Jazz Live" with MPM Selected Jazz Crew


Satuday Jazz Live

On the 21st of April, MPM Selected Jazz Crew will perform for the very first time. The premier concert is one of the highly regarded "Saturday Jazz Live" shows. Come and see them in Musicum at 14:00. Doors open at 13:30 and there is a limited amount of seats. Entrance fee is 100 SEK.

Saturday Jazz Live is arranged by Musicum and Uppsala University.  Warm Welcome!

MPM Selected Jazz Crew

MPM Selected Jazz Crew is a new band made and directed by MPM. All the young band members are extremely talented and they probably belong to the future elite of musicians. They play all genres but have a special place in their hearts for jazz. They are young and under education, but always give just everything they got on stage.

The setlist contains everything from Charlie Parkers' and Monica Zetterlund's jazz tunes to Gary Moore's and Prince's amazing and emotional songs from the 80's.

MPM Selected Jazz Crew's band leader is the Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra and MPM Crew member Wilhelm Fredlund. The other MPM Selected Jazz Crew members are Isak Friberg, Mattias Loshak Snöbohm, Axel Rosén, Victor Liljeqvist and Malin Lundberg Dovstedt.


2018-04-10 • MPM

Spring Concerts 2018

MPM Crew has many awesome gigs at corporate and private events, but here are some top events this spring that are open to everyone. Warm welcome!


Blue House Youth Jazz Festival at Konserthuset Sthlm
UKS Big Band, UKS Jazz Fusion et al.
2018-03-18, at 10:00-17:00
Read more (external site)


Concert at Sävja Kulturcentrum
Middle Uppland's Chamber Orchestra and guest soloist Wilhelm Fredlund
2018-04-12, at 19:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


"Saturday Jazz Live" at Musicum Uppsala University
MPM Selected Jazz Crew
2018-04-21, at 14:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Jubilee Concert "Swing in Springtime" at the Church of Mission
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra meets Swedish Swing Society 25 years
2018-04-26, at 19:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


"Saturday Jazz Live" at Musicum Uppsala University
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra
2018-05-12, at 15:00
Read more (external facebook in Swedish)
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Concert at Grand Café
UKS Big Band
2018-05-23, at 19:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Uppsala Youth Jazz & Blues Fest in UKK
MPM Selected Jazz Crew, UKS Storband, UKS Jazz Fusion et al.
2018-05-28, at 14:30-23:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


“Open Stage” at Uppsala Grand Theatre
The Skrapan Music Classes
2018-05-28, at 19:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


Spring Concert at Uppsala Grand Theatre
The Skrapan Music Classes
2018-05-29, at 19:00
Read more (external site in Swedish)


2018-03-01 • MPM

Success Last Saturday at IFU Arena

A video clip from an awesome gig at IFU Arena that lasted over four hours, with three breaks when the crowd was given a world class floorball match where Storvreta IBK won the series final against IBF Falun.

"What A Wonderful World" was composed and written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss and first recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1967. This cover was performed by the fantastic guitarist Leo Hartman and our eminent saxophonist Wilhelm Fredlund.

The fee and collected contributions was donated to the local fund Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund.


2018-01-30 • MPM

Gig at IFU Arena

On Saturday, the 27th of January from 14:30, Wilhelm Fredlund and Leo Hartman from MPM Crew will perform at IFU Arena in connection with a floorball SM match between season leader IBF Falun and the great challenger Storvreta IBK. The guitar and saxophone duo look forward to entertain with songs from "We Are The Champions" to "The Bare Necessities". The fee and collected contributions will be donated to the local fund Uppsala University Hospital’s Children’s Fund.


2018-01-23 • MPM

"Swinging Christmas" with Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

UUJO's traditional Christmas Concert became an entertaining and very enjoyable music experience for all those who defied the snowy weather. In front of a crowded Mission Church, Ulf Johansson Werre as Father Christmas, led his orchestra with vocalists through jazzy christmas songs from two continents. MPM was represented by Wilhelm Fredlund on tenor saxophone, as well as MPM's mentor Oskar Forsberg who completely overthrow everyone with a unique barryton solo. Wilhelm is according to the admission rules far too young to be a band member of UUJO but, according to his own opinion, far too good for staying at home. And there is no rule without exception!


The guest artist of the year was one of Sweden's best-known jazz guitarists, Andreas Pettersson, who made the whole church swing by his playing.

The newspaper UNT was there and listened. Feel free to read their review "Swinging Christmas" (in Swedish).

2017-12-17 • MPM

Skrapan Gig at Grand Café

"Open stage" at Uppsala Grand Café with The Skrapan Music Classes became a great success with a crowded house!

The powerful final song in the form of Flamingo, this time performed without an orchestra but with only a saxophone and a guitar. They make, all by themselves, the melody magically powerful. We are of course thrilled to say that both the saxophonist Wilhelm Fredlund and the guitarist Mattias Loshak Snöbohm are members of MPM Crew!


2017-11-26 • MPM

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