MPM Selected Jazz Crew

MPM Selected Jazz Crew is a new band made and directed by MPM. All the young band members are extremely talented and they probably belong to the future elite of musicians. They play all genres but have a special place in their hearts for jazz. They are young and under education, but always give just everything they got on stage.

Triple V

Triple V is a new super trio from Uppsala who intend to offer you a really cruel sound in 2016. The band consists of Elin Vilén (vocalist / pianist), William Widén (drummer) and Wilhelm Fredlund (saxophonist). All three are born in 2001 and studying at one of the best schools in Sweden, Uppsala Music Classes.

Wilhelm believes that the booting will become cross-border when it comes to musical genres. "We have to find a sound that feels real to all three of us. If successful, we can be as great as ever..."


Elin Vilén

Vocalist / Pianist

Beautiful, powerful singing voice with a warm character , which does not leave anyone untouched.

"I am inspired a lot by Tove Lo , Miriam Bryant and Rihanna . Love Eminem ."


William Widén


Often offers cool "fills", which neatly ties together the rhythm and feel of the tunes.

"Okay, I like the "show off" and to show my talents, that's why I don't like to hold back when I sit and play. EDM as in its entirety sounds good to my ears, but some Metallica is not wrong either."


Wilhelm Fredlund


Loves, with intense presence and musical feeling, to move his audience. Gives everything when it comes!

"I like many different genres. It can be Jazz, Blues or EDM, Rap & Hip-hop. But one of the favorites is nevertheless "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen with Rock n' Roll."

Auction/Flea Market

In connection with any event in 2016, MPM will help out with the sale of decorative objects coming from Willes deceased grandmother Gunnel Fredlund. All the proceeds go directly to charity.

More information will come eventually.