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The music syndicate MPM was founded to help young artists to reach out in the world with a powerful musical imprint in the name of solidarity.

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All young artists in the MPM music syndicate operate individually or in groups to bring joy and support with the magic power of music to young and old who live an exposed life.

MPM work with aid projects and provide help organizations with contributions collected through gigs, concerts and similar events!

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Music uses a language that everyone on earth can feel and understand. It builds bridges between people and often gives them feelings that are impossible to express with words. Music is like ...

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Every day 700 children worldwide get the diagnosis cancer. Almost every day a kid in Sweden is affected. It is for them we are playing today!

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The Saga of 99 Röd Ballong - A Powerful Message

Dedicated to the people who flee below Earth's surface when the air-raid sirens sound, but never ... Read more >



Europe's Biggest Cinema Festival with WILHELM in ...

Last Saturday, Stockholm's iconic park area Tantolunden was home to Europe's biggest outdoor cinema festival ... Read more >



Monster (Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber) - Sax Cover by WILHELM

Looking forward to what the near future has to offer - especially when self-written lyrics and music is around ... Read more >