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Gina Hannuksela

Vocalist / Songwriter / Producer

Exciting vocalist who brings lyrics to life with rhythmic poetry in both rap and vocals.
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"I listen a lot to R&B and hip hop. I make quite calm music, especially R&B where I sing and sometimes rap. I also take lots of inspiration from soul, jazz and lo-fi :) "


Gina was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2001.


  • MPM Selected Crew (2020-)

et al.

Discography (Originals)

Single  >  Calling (GH/2021)
Single  >  Lose Myself (GH/2021)
Single  >  Monday to Sunday (GH/2021)
Single  >  Perfect (GH/2021)

GH: Gina Hannuksela

Discography (Covers/Remixes)

Studio  >  Kärt Barn (GH/2020)

GH: Gina Hannuksela

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