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Isak Friberg

Pianist / Songwriter / Photo & Video Creator

With great emotional presence and richness of detail, sensuous and spiritual nuances are conveyed in music as well as photography and video.
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"When I sit at the piano in the evenings, I never think about "playing right". I focus on feeling the music in my fingers, in my body, in my mind. Suddenly you are never off track, you are just in the music!

For me, music is a dimension of our emotions. No matter how you feel, there is always a genre, a song that hits the right spot.

There are countless musicians who inspire me. To narrow it down, I would say I am influenced by a mix of Jacob Collier, Cory Henry, Cory Wong, Billy Joel and Kyle Landry. A wonderful blend of experimental jazz, gospel, funk, the 70s and film soundtracks!

The interest in photography and video has grown over the past three years. I started playing with the camera because of my strong interest in documenting, capturing moments and being able to not only convey something audibly - but also visually.

During these years, I have managed to film documentaries, travel vlogs, music videos, studio recordings, own hobby projects, short cinematic videos and more ... We'll see what I come up with next!"


Isak was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2000.

Music Education

  • Music Program (3 years)  >  The Lundellska School's (Skrapan's) Music Education (spec. Piano)
  • Music Course  >  Uppsala Culture School's Piano Education
  • Music Course  >  The Lundellska School's (Skrapan's) Vocal Education


  • MPM Selected Crew (2020-)
  • MPM Selected Jazz Crew (2018-)
  • L.o.V.E (2020-)

2016-2019  >  The Skrapan Music Classes
2016-2017  >  Modulus
2019  >  The Church of Sweden's Lucia Choir in Sydney
2018  >  Little Shop of Horrors (Musical)
2018  >  ReChoir
2017  >  RENT (Musical)

Discography (Originals)

Single  >  Say It (IF/2021)

IF: Isak Friberg

Discography (Covers)

*as band member