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Sofia Gertz


A singer who loves to challenge herself, always with outstanding musical results.
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"I'm inspired by many artists and bands, but like singing Adele and Billie Eilish the most! When it comes to music styles, I sing everything under the sun. Have tested all genres.

In elementary school I attended a singing class at Uppsala Music Classes and also sang in Uppsala Cathedral's Girl Choir for some time. Now in high school I have music as an optional course and take singing lessons to develop!

The most fun thing is to challenge myself with difficult songs!"


Sofia was born in Uppsala, Sweden in the year 2001.

Live Base

Sofia is based in Sweden since birth.



  • MPM Selected Crew (2019-)

2017-2020  >  The Skrapan Music
et al.

Discography (Covers/Remixes)

SG: Sofia Gertz

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