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Alone on Stage

Loves to move his audience with intense presence and musical feeling! With youthful energy, WILHELM gives everything he's got on stage and offers a magical experience. A unique performance with wonderful enjoyment in all its forms, from fine-tuned and fragile mystery to great music power!



With the show concept Alone on Stage, WILHELM offers live music for visitors/guests of all ages including families with children. WILHELM plays alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, guitar and piano alone on stage using live looped music. The repertoire includes both his own songs, today's radio hits and iconic classics in new saxophone versions mainly in pop, rock, jazz, soul, R&B and house.


With selected music gems from Alone on Stage, last summer kicked off in France and then continued through Sweden. In addition to his own concerts, WILHELM headlined several well-reputed festivals around the country. Among other things, a one-hour set in Slottsskogen's Azaleadal (Valley of Azaleas) in Gothenburg in front of an audience of over 12.000 people.

Now WILHELM has refined and sharpened the Alone on Stage show. This time with the possibility of background dancers, guest artists and a more awesome production than ever! During the spring, WILHELM was on a mini-tour in Spain and is now looking forward to spread good vibes from Swedish stages!



The show Alone on Stage is tailored according to wishes and conditions on site, so the performance will be unique and adapted to the event. The specially designed experience is an exclusive selection from Alone on Stage, hence the name Alone on Stage - Exclusive.

No event is too large nor too small for Alone on Stage!



"I've developed the show program Alone on Stage which I've played at everything from small private parties to large outdoor festivals and televised arena gigs in connection with sporting events.

With Alone on Stage, I can quickly turn up to give a specialized performance! Usually with repertoire goodies from genres such as pop, rock, jazz, soul, R&B and house. Perfect also for events that require proper punch! Since I'm the only artist on stage in the standard format, the logistics and setlist can easily be adapted to the needs on site. Despite the show name, Alone on Stage can of course offer guest artists. For example in the form of a selected vocalist or instrumentalist. After the previous success, this year's edition of Alone on Stage has been topped with even more well-known energetic classics, as well as dance-friendly self-written song material. Background dancers can also be offered where there is demand."



Photo (1, 9): MPM MusicPowerMafia. Photo (2, 3, 4, 6, 8): Isak Friberg, MPM MusicPowerMafia. Photo (5): Big Crowd Factory. Photo (7, 10): Hannah Philip, Porsche.