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Mario de Celis García


Plays the piano with immense presence and total control. Offers classical music with great passion and musical feeling!
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"I am interested in a lot of different genres. My favorite genre is classical music, above all romantic era and composers like Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, and Rachmaninov. Other genres that I love are jazz and blues, with the famous composer George Gershwin."

Mario de Celis García was born in Bilbao in 2005. He started playing piano at age 8 in the Conservatory of San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria) with teacher Rosa Goitia. After four years Mario went on to the music conservatory in Santander, the Jesus de Monasterio Conservatory, with teacher Eva Herrero. One year later he moved to Torrelavega's Professional Conservatory where he studied five years with teacher and classical pianist Silvia Carrera Hondal. During these five years Mario also learned a lot of music theory studying harmony, history of music, analysis, improvisation and chamber music with teachers like Jairo Maldonado Carrillo, Cristina Acarregui, the viola soloist Belen Puerto and with the famous Spanish composer Esperanza Zubieta Trives. Nowadays Mario studies at the Real Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid (RCSMM) with teacher and pianist Gonzalo Vallejo Ortega.

Mario has participated in an Erasmus+ Program visiting countries like Sweden and France, where he played in chamber and symphony orchestras. Moreover Mario has played in many concert halls in Cantabria. One of the most famous is the Concha Espina's Theatre that he played as a soloist in chamber music, with an orchestra and as an accompanist of ballets as well as solo singers.


Mario was born in Bilbao, Spain in the year 2005.

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Mario is based in Spain since birth.



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