MPM Crew

This page lists all of the MPM Crew, sorted by surnames in alphabetical order.

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Wilhelm Fredlund


Loves, with intense presence and musical feeling, to move his audience. Gives everything when it comes!

"I like many different genres. It can be Jazz, Blues or EDM, Rap & Hip-hop. But one of the favorites is nevertheless "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen with Rock n' Roll."

Uppsala Culture School's BB
The Skrapan Music Classes
Jazz Fusion
Jazz Fusion Exclusive
Triple V
MPM Selected Jazz Crew
Tight Junctions
Uppsala University Jazz Orchestra

Martynas Giedraitis


Writes beautiful yearning ballads, performed with great feeling. It will be exciting to hear future hard rock versions.

"Inside of me, there are two music characters. The first one is the piano music and the other is hard rock. My greatest inspirations are Nightwish and Ludwig van Beethoven. I also like many types of heavy metal and hard rock like Metallica and Marilyn Manson."

Uppsala Culture School


Leo Hartman


Great talent with broad musical register and superb sense of instrumental interaction.

"I play and listen to everything between Led Zeppelin and Veronica Maggio, but I have a little extra space in my heart for John Mayer. If it’s Rock, soul, pop or blues does not matter as long as the music speaks to me!"

Östhammar Culture School
The Skrapan Music Classes

Olle Hägglöf Österdahl
"Duke Hagglof"


Young talent who plays with a lovely tone that penetrates right into the audience's hearts.

"I listen to everything from 50s, 60s and 70s. But the main inspirers are David Bowie, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Chuck Berry and Queen."

Uppsala Culture School's BB
Uppsala Music Classes
Uppsala Cathedral Boys Choir
The Orchestra Uppblåset

Theodore Jousefi


With his fantastic musicality Theodore challenges not only himself, but also jazz legends such as Jaco Pastorius.

"My name is Theodore an I was born in 2007 in Uppsala. I started playing the piano and the electric bass when I was five years old. I play the bass at Uppsala Culture School's Big Band. My idols are Mark Miller and Jaco Pastorius. I am also inspired by Stanley Clarke and Victor Wooten."

Uppsala Culture School's BB
Uppsala Music Classes
Tight Junctions


Mattias Loshak Snöbohm


Awesome guitar feeling filled with nerve and energy, that enhances the experience no matter the musical genre.

"I mostly play jazz and funk, but I also listen to rock and blues. Jimi Hendrix, Robben Ford and The Beatles are some artists I've listened to throughout my life and have been influenced by."

The Skrapan Music Classes
Jazz Fusion
Jazz Fusion Exclusive
MPM Selected Jazz Crew

William Widén


Often offers cool "fills", which neatly ties together the rhythm and feel of the tunes.

"Okay , I like the "show off" and to show my talents , that´s why I don´t like to hold back when I sit and play . EDM as in its entirety sounds good to my ears, but some Metallica is not wrong either."

Triple V


Elin Vilén


A beautiful, powerful singing voice with a warm character , which does not leave anyone untouched.

"I am inspired a lot by Tove Lo, Miriam Bryant and Rihanna . Love Eminem ."

Rytmus Music High School
Triple V